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Zdorovie.com is a guide for readers who want to achieve healthier lives through positive change. The resource gives actionable advice in an always positive, uplifting tone. From fitness and health to beauty and fashion to relationships and travel, we deliver a balanced mix of lifestyle and healthcare content to keep consumers on target with their goals. The editorial team of the website considers health the priority, not a luxury.


Zdorovie.com provides health information to men and women who are usually proactive health information seekers, always interested in medications, beauty care, household, food products. The website also targets young health oriented individuals who prefer to obtain information from the Internet. With trusted original content, innovative design Zdorovie.com offers key benefits for your brand:

  • Reaching 35 000 readers monthly
  • Over 100 000 pageviews monthly
  • An audience of qualified health-seekers


We are a source for original and timely health information on a vast variety of topics, including healthcare, medicine, diet & weight loss, recipes, fitness, beauty, and relationships. Our website combines the magazine content with the latest healthcare and medical news. Zdorovie.com provides users with:

  • Credible content
  • Vital information with a human touch
  • Expert advice
  • Fun, interactive and educational tools including quizzes, polls, assessments, contests and more
  • Valuable information, tools and healthy living tips
  • Newsletters on everything from heart disease to healthy living to skincare and beauty

Advertising Opportunities

Zdorovie.com provides strategic advertising opportunities able to match your brand’s marketing objectives through:

Banner Ads

With Zdorovie.com display advertising options you have the opportunity to reach engaged health information seekers who are looking for innovative new products and services.

Article Marketing

Article submission is a powerful method of reaching customers with information about your product or services and gaining quality incoming traffic to your website.


Bringing your brand message to life by posting your video. Presents implicit interest to medical professionals by exposing them to a vast audience of potential patients. There is a substantial number of people who prefer watching videos to reading. Through health related videos they receive relevant health information.

Newsletter Sponsorships

Opportunity to reach the audience via our monthly newsletters. Zdorovie.com’s newsletters are delivered to active subscribers who have signed up to receive this targeted information.

Advertising Rates & Specs

Banners are sold by the impression on a CPM (cost per thousand) basis.

Leaderboard 728×90 $20
Medium Rectangle Top 300×250 $20
Medium Rectangle Middle 300×250 $15
3:1 Rectangle 300×100 $10

For all banners | Include the URL of the page the banner will point to, and an “alt tag” (a short description of your ad). For animated banners, please set them to loop no more than 3 times.

Weight Limits | .GIF, .JPG or .PNG files: 35K maximum, 72 dpi maximum. Flash banner: 35K maximum.

Deadlines | Once banner art is received, it takes a minimum of two working days to appear on the Web site.

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