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Our Mission

The Health Magazine Zdorovie is the 21st century advocate for Russian-speaking American consumers who choose to live healthier, happier lives. Whether our readers aspire to develop a more positive outlook, lose weight, or overcome a chronic medical condition, The Health Magazine delivers beneficial information, advice, tools, guidance, and support. Zdorovie exists to help our readers maintain a healthy lifestyle and, more importantly, feel better about themselves. We’re here to provide help in managing one’s own well-being as well as their families’ conditions. Our vision is straightforward and unique: every aspect of a good life—food, fashion, beauty, fitness, and relationships—is put in a healthy context through smart, substantive editorial and design that’s fresh and fun. In recent years the magazine has broadened its scope to incorporate all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, from the constant thirst for self-improvement to the eternal quest for body bliss. This mix has been fundamental for a dramatic growth in size and readership. A range of various sections ensures that our readers are never short of inspiration and our advertisers benefit from reaching their target market.

The Health Magazine exists to help our readers
feel good and, more importantly, to feel better.

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Editorial Breakdown

Every month our magazine is the ultimate resource providing readers with accessible health information that’s easy to understand, attainable beauty solutions, trusted product reviews, fashion advice, recipes for healthy eating and a variety of fitness options to inspire an active lifestyle.

Editorial Breakdown

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Market and Demographics

The Health Magazine’s market is constantly expanding to accommodate the ever- increasing Russian-speaking US population and their focus on body image and self improvement. From the workplace to the home, women and men are concerned with looking good, feeling great and living life to its full potential.
This desire traverses all aspects of lifestyle, providing potential advertisers with a suitable platform to showcase a variety of products, ideas and concepts. The reader is eager to examine new products and advertising features across a diversity of sections including nutrition, health, sex and relationships, natural therapies. The Health Magazine provides a perfect opportunity to tap into the ever-expanding health and fitness market. If you want to maximise your exposure and profitability, become a business partner with us today.


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1x 3x 6x 12x
Full page $1,500 $1,400 $1,300 $1,200
1/2 Page $900 $850 $800 $700
1/3 Page $500 $450 $425 $400
1/6 Page $300 $275 $250 $225
1/12 Page $200 $175 $150 $125


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The Health Magazine targets an audience of educated professionals. Average circulation is 125000 which include individual, sponsored and free subscriptions, direct sales. An important factor is readers per copy. Friends and family often read the same copy of the magazine. Regardless of population changes like migration, the average targeted audience stays the same because magazine is distributed nationwide. Changes in demand, based on population shifts or evolving interests do not affect circulation because magazine covers a variety of relevant for readers topics.

Our readers are decision makers of the household and proactive information seekers when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.


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Contact Us

Svetlana Tsatkin, General Manager

Advertising Department

9908 E. Roosevelt Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19115

Phone: 215-464-2500
Fax: 215-464-0192


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